1. The Space key is pressed Ctrl pushing and it changes into Sign Mode. (Ctrl+Space)
  2. It checks that the color of a cursor is blue.
  3. Please input "ki" from a keyboard. Please do not press the Enter key at this time.
  4. If the space key is pressed here, a character will change.
  5. Furthermore, a character changes only a part to be registered if the space key is pressed.
  6. A character is determined by a Enter key.

Transcription Characters

In Sign mode, the input of some transcription characters is changed as follows. It can also input as a capital letter by, of course using a Caps Lock+Shift key.

Inferior figure

All numbers are changed into a inferior figure in Sign mode.

Long vovel

In Sign mode, if "-" and the "=" key are pressed after a vowel input, the input of a long vowel can be performed.