This privacy policy applies to version 2.2.2 or later of this app. In addition, the privacy policy will be revised or improved as required.

1. Ad Network Advertisement

We use our app to display external company ad network advertisement programs. Please view the privacy policy of the respective ad network company for information regarding the handling of information acquired through these advertisements.

List of Used Ad Networks

In addition, our app uses advertising identifiers to display advertisements from the aforementioned ad networks.

2. Online play and in-app purchases

For the following functions, we use the following services or functions provided by Apple Inc.

  • Online ranking and network play (GameCenter)
  • In-app purchases
  • App sales through the AppStore

For information regarding the handling of information by these services and functions, please refer to the privacy policy of Apple Inc.
Apple Privacy Policy

In addition, our app is linked within the app to the AppStore.

3. Handing of Personal Information

Personal information collected by our service is appropriately managed in accordance with the laws of Japan or the laws of other countries for the protection of personal information.